Unspoken? When is someone unspoken? Unexpressed? Maybe silence is a way to express a lot for some. What if they talk a lot when they are comfortable. Why is the reason to talk at all if you got nothing to say to the other person or persons present? When I was young I was louder to some. because I did have nothing to say but did anyhow because I thought you had to. What if it is easier to be social where you do feel comfortable these days without words but with many thoughts? No words do not mean no thoughts but many words can mean no thoughts. We all know these folks that keeps talking too much despite they got nothing that matters to say. Some like it that way. Some like it other ways. Some people do believe, some people do know. Some people do not know neither do they believe. There is seldom no relevance in what other people do say. I am not too puzzled by most people. I never been. For the fascinating ones my enthusiasm is burning. At least every now or every then. Though dedication is just aimed to a very few chosen ones. A very few. Sometimes I do drift apart from them or maybe  from you and even from me. I know it, still not puzzled by it.

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