Thoughts are floating.

The endless.

The nothing.

The it.

The all.

Everywhere I go there is something there. The taste can be amazing but it´s texture maybe not speak your words.

Speaking about words. When do words speak to you? They rarely speak to me. It do not matter who or what. They just rarely do. What keeps me a daydreamer, living my life somewhere else. Why don´t you come with me? We can go very far. I know this place, an immortal dimension. I know it very well. Days will not be counted. Just our faith in this. Just our love for that.What if I ever thought and you never said? Then we are building an obstacle. Then we are devastating magic. We are losing time because we do not know because you never said. Whatever it ever damaged what can it repair? We are not torn apart but you never said. You never did.

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