My love is all materialistic for now.

Get´s me in motion.

It makes me work.

Full of confidence.

Full of power.

Full of energy.

The battery is loaded.

Because behind all my stuff.

At some point.

I am standing there alone.

Just waiting in the night for you.



Nothing holds my hope for the future as receiving a new vinyl and walk home with it from the place of the collection…

Been a lucky soul for two days in a row now.


Ok, rare cassettes can make it too.


In the book making, again…

I do not actually think that too many souls really do care, but, I am about to finish my second poetry collection. This one is heavy, all material was written post-2016 and in Swedish, too. So I am excited to see what I can do. I have no artist this time. Because of many reasons. First, I want to offer it to Lilith, but she is not so interested to speak as it seems. I would like to see how she can interpret my lyrics in Swedish ash she did with my poems and expressions in English. Secondly, I do have another person I am curious about what she can come up with. Just maybe not for this book. Then I rather leave it unpictured at this point. The second point might be able to do it for the second part of the trilogy, as I decided that all three in the trilogy should be pictured and illustrated at some point.


Well, I differ some day to day in my decisions but this is my latest thoughts and my most common thoughts over the last year or so.

Adventure called. The nature called. So I took their call and went out in the middle of the deep woods last summer on the dark side of Lake Siljan where few people yet until this day found. So enjoying food,wine& the mighty dark Forrest. I managed to see a few elks but to capture them on a picture.

My heritage of the giants

I rarely speak about my days as a part of the band Opeth, now I figure I do kind of have an expression from those days.

Yesterday evening I was DJ: ing at Nisse & Micke’s club Fredagsmangel (the one I spoke about in a previous post). All of a sudden the rumors washes around the Neil Peart passed away after suffering a few years of cancer in his brain. I do support The Swedish Cancer Foundation each and every year, we all lose friends and lovers constantly thx to that ill es and so on. So this is of course not going to be about cancer, no, it is an expression about being led by giants.

Many years ago, I and Mikael started to play music together after I brought him in into my band, Opeth. The turbulent introduction with him in Opeth is spoken about so many times. So it is not necessary to comment that sort of context at all. So all you hyena-journalists that’s been chasing me for ages after stories and material through the band, if they exist or not, who bothers, will come empty-handed out of this. Anyhow, back to the point, a few years earlier I went to my greek friend Sofokles who played me the records “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” by Deep Purple and “A Farewell to Kings” by Rush. Just to show me different elements of the heavy metal music we were tracking.

The discussion came up slightly before when we’re listening to “Technical Ecstasy” by Black Sabbath, which was far from the usual records by that band we were spinning like “Born Again”, “Black Sabbath”, “Sabotage” and of course “Mob Rules” on how many variations there could be of this kind of music. We decided that these three bands were beyond rock starism, they were supreme beings and the real giants. So, making things together with Mikael, it all came back. I guess it started when he came up with a phase in the song “Requiem of lost souls” (later “Forest of October” on the first Opeth-album). He was a bit insecure if we could match it with the blackened riffs fr the rest of the song. We finally agreed that the giants could do as they pleased, therefore, could we. We found ourselves eliminated from any borders or boxes that speak loud for certain music styles. We found ourselves somewhere else. Because when the giants spoke, we were listening. Despite can not remember  Mikael as a fan of Rush from those days, but he still heard the music and we knew very well what we had inside us and what we were talking about. our feelings and expressions. If he took that with him into the future, he can only answer to himself. This is still my expression and heritage, he just happened to be there with me when it all came to me verbally and agreed to my comments concerning it. I have never talked to him again after I left the band about such a context, so I really do not know.

The whole situation opened new doors for us. We were never ever after that afraid to come up with things that were different pr did not go so exact with the style of music we were trying to play. When Opeth was more becoming a band with more permanent members, we wrote this song “Poise into Celeano” (parts of that song be in “Advent” on the Morningrise-album), containing all kinds of awkward parts, both to play but also to listen too we know that our musical expression was different than expected from a band like us. We were led by our giants into eternity. It instinctively became a part of my life and expressions, whether I do write lyrics, poems or music, I always open the doors I do need to open. I just know I need to carry this torch with me. Everywhere I go.

Fredagsmangel – A New Hope

Last spring in May, my old friends Mikael & Nils asked me if I could come and DJ at their new club they were going to start. They were about to start a club one or two Fridays a month in Jakobsberg, a slight 20-minute ride with local train Northwest of Stockholm City. The concept for the club was extreme metal ONLY and to have live bands playing there. So, it sounded so weird, so I had to say yes. Being a nerdy rocker like me, I started to dream back to 1970 and East London, were Iron Maiden and other bands started out in the suburbs.

With venue after venue either closing down or close the door to extreme metal in the central of Stockholm, this is what is happening. The scene do exist, it always had and always will. When we started with the extreme metal of Stockholm we had places yet more far from the city center to play in. Like in Vallentuna, Täby Kyrkby, Handen & the luxury only 10-15 minutes with train shows in Sundbyberg and in Fullersta. We were traveling for hours to play music ourselves and watch bands to play for us. We went everywhere in numbers. If you knew the date you just knew that you will meet people at the train station or by the venue, you just went there, no oddities or questions.

We saw bands such as Morbid, Nihilist, Treblinka/Tiamat, Dismember, Afflicted Convulsion, Carnage, Therion, etc and we had a good time as very young teenagers. My parents did let me go as there was no alcohol at these premises, all Drug free-zones with authorized personnel controlling at some venues or at punk venues where only punks did drink cheap Blackberry Wine from Finland that you did not want to drink. So they thought it was better I was hanging around with music dudes that most were under 18 than the local kids drinking and smoke dope and get arrested at weekends.

So, what the heck I jumped on the train the last Friday of June 2019 and went out there. They do all-nighters so DJ starts already at 6pm and goes to the venue closes. So I came out there and there were already a few souls sitting on the deck outside drinking beer. I started to DJ and bursted a few songs… I looked at the clock and I looked at the man in the bar, nicking his head satisfying to the beats of the music. it was 6.37 a Friday night, I played a song from the first album by Sacrifice because that is what I was hired for. I was so proud of their decision in chosing me, what an honor. The first night did not include a band, it was just me playing music and well, as the hours passed by people came by and they started to request more ordinary rock, I refused to because we were settling a statement for this club and not giving up our beliefs or sell out. If they want to hear Guns n Roses, then go downtown where there are plenty of bars for that kind of music, also remember a guys asking me what the hxxk I was doing when I played some Nuclear Death, a lady telling me “this is too much headbang, can you play like Motörhead instead” when I burst som Blasphemy and my favorite “play more Venom”.

The weeks went by and they started to lift up some live music during the summer and people were streaming in. At the same time, it got official that the pub in central Stockholm, Copperfields, threw out the metal music. So this live stage was needed more than ever. I missed much out of August and September as I was working in Italy, saw King Diamond in Copenhagen and Iron Maiden in Oakland. So I claim I had legal reasons to be away. Since then, I´ve been back DJ´ing as many times as possible and it is unbelievable that bands that are famous or at least semi-famous comes there and ask if they could play. The atmosphere is wonderful, it is a bar, but if you bring an adult you are welcomed as an underage. A fabulous mix of people traveling in, not only from around Stockholm but also met people from Lithuania there to see Macabre Decay, as an example and also coming in from the rest of the country.

They also got awarded by the finest price you could win in my world. No less than Dr. Schitz aka Jens Näsström from Morbid showed up unannounced on December 28th and gave them the Morbid Scholarship, Morbid Clan Award, they are the third ever to be entitled the price after Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen and Tompa Eken. So it is very noble. The club goes on and check out their events on Facebook to see when you can see me DJ there. It does happen every now and then.

This IS the new attraction in Stockholm, a new hope for extreme metal, located in Jakobs Kök & Bar, a nice local bar and restaurant in a Northern Stockholmian suburb. Wither I´m there or not, just go, the entrance lurks between €4-€8, food is great and bar prices reasonable and the music is bloody great, so no excuse not to come to see us all there in 2020.


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