So this year, year 42 made to reach level 42 and find the meaning of life.

I am settled and my heart is full. I know where to go and where not too.

Just not sure if I am welcomed or not.

Another day I will find that out. Now I need to master the nearest future.

Calculate my steps. Altering my plans if needed. Must be sure first.

Disturbances there are. This world is filled with destroyers.

I threw some of them out of my world.

They can destroy the world for others.

My life is destroyed enough.

I do not need these people no more.

Now I live just for the ones that do not bite back.

Because if people try to love you. Do not make that hard for them because of you get your fishes hot by some.

The some that might not make the sun shine bright another day.

I wrote this some time ago, and it is published now 04.26 am February 23 2017.

I came to earth 04.26 am February 23 1975.

I do hope I am still alive. I do hope I am still adored by some.

I do hope a special one I keep thinking about every day steps forward.

I do not think I can on my own.

Time is a passage. Now I believe you and I are through.

The glory days are ahead.



The past is alive and it creates a surreal reality.

All of a sudden.

I am so small.

I have nothing left.

I threw it all away.


I try to talk.

I am not heard.

I try to feel.

I am just hurt.

The new sphere of sorrow and mind misery.

Where I am.

I am trying to run.

I hope I will take the right turn.

Away from this morbid reality.

That slowly breaks me down.